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Friday, August 20, 2004

Live it!

EVERYTHING, every darned thing in this world, has a peak.

And everything, every darned thing in this world, offers a slope after the peak.

Ordinary mortals collapse on their way up. The extraordinary carry on.

You, as you have proved many times over, are beyond extraordinary. Way, way, way beyond.

For a year they have said you are dying. You are still with us. Not because of the wonder their drugs did. But because you want to live.

This is your peak.

Live it.

I have always felt you will walk down that slope. Today, after I spoke to you, after they all said you will die soon and you still told me in a hoarse gasping whisper ‘I will pull through, I will pull through,’ I know you will.

You die when you give up.

You, my friend, will never give up.

Because you know, better than me, that there is no such thing as a peak without slope.

PS: Sorry, won’t be able to make it to India in November. But will certainly be there for Easter.


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