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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The sun's shining

PEOPLE, the sun is shining. So I am making some hay. Enough of it, I hope, for next month’s fees.

Meantime, let me wish my good friend AYYAPPAN, who got married last fortnight. Like a good friend, I forgot his wedding day in the midst of all my hay-making. So here's wishing him and his brand new wife Lakshmi a wonderful, wealthy life with tons of happiness, health, and whatever else they may care to order...

And now here are my responses to your responses...

Phantasmagoria: Always a pleasure, ma'am. Here you are! *grin*

Krishna: Yes, sir, I am right here in Bournemouth. Since November.

PseudoFreud: So I got competition, do I? Well.

Rash: Yep. Can’t help it. Too much blood, too large a heart.

Chakra: That’s a question. And a thought. But there is the beach, right? And it is summer, right? And there is my blog, right? Hell, what else do you need in life!?!

Dan: ‘The police have arrested a man who allegedly impersonated a police officer.’ Never can digest so much news at one time, I can't. Incidentally, wrote for my old publication yet?

Preshit: Thanks, mate. Used to work in Mumbai. But coming across ‘bhannat’ for the first time. Bhannat. I like it. Bhannat...

Ponytail: Was, if I remember right, and I always remember right, giving you much-needed advice on how to conduct yourself professionally. That’s serious talk, not chatter. The nose incident, can’t remember it. I am sure you must have done something to deserve it.

Anita: Rubbing nose, or any other body part, with Ponytail isn’t all that appealing a thought. But pushing him around, that’s appealing. And, er, Ponytail isn’t really an Eskimo, though he has this igloo to protect himself from the vagaries of... well... everything.

Joyee: Good to see you again. When do you start blogging?

Now excuse me folks, I got some hay to make.


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